#mealprep in a pinch!

#mealprep in a pinch! Sometimes the neatly stacked containers of perfectly portioned meals, complete with freshly chopped veggies 


 and glowing pieces of fruit 


, never really materializes. Despite our best efforts and intentions…life happens! I found myself in such a situation for most of this past week and thought I’d share how I managed it without hitting the fast food line or vending machine 



I think of my meals in terms of macros-protein/carb/fat- and I start with my protein serving. Today’s breakfast is egg casserole loaded with fresh spinach and a fruit pouch. Lunch is a left over ground beef patty 85% lean, grass fed organic, and half of a salad kit.

Shout out


🏼 for those fruit pouches aka: baby food 


🏻🤭! These are from @aldiusa and thankfully they don’t obviously look like baby food. They are so convenient, delicious, nutritious and travel so well. Personally, I’m not a huge fruit fan to begin with 🤫 and trying to pick good fruit in Michigan in the winter 🥶 can be a challenge. This has been a great way for me to be sure to get a quick serving of fruit no matter where I am. There are so many different combos of fruits and many mixed with veggies too!

What are your favorite ways to stay on track when life happens?